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Well, some of the projects I've worked on may belong to government agencies and private corporations. Password protection is simply an effort to respect their copyrights, intellectual property, or privacy concerns.

The Project

Re-design a large commerce web site for the United States Postal Service (USPS) with the goals of increasing adoption, usability, and mailer revenues. The Business Customer Gateway (BCG) is one of the more profitable USPS ventures and needs to be positioned for future growth and expansion.

The BCG's customer base had outpaced the capacity of the web site which couldn’t handle the variety and rapid scale of data sources and admin tasks. Seemingly simple tasks became a chore and led to an increase in customer support calls.


An outdated interface limited the BCG. The UI struggled to keep up with external systems, some tacked on over the years.


Established the UX and art direction for the re-design of the BCG. Led design sprint sessions with remote dev teams.


Improved access to new profit-generating features and reduced on-page admin time for enterprise users. Visit USPS BCG

Wireframes and Workflows

I was the Lead UX Designer on this project. My on-site team included a local UX developer and an analyst. I also worked remotely with teams of developers, consultants, and key stakeholders across three time zones.

I used Axure RP beyond its intended purpose; aside from designing sitemaps and wireframes, I also used it as a living specification guide by including sample navigation schemas and a style guide.

The Axure Prototype was my go-to visual communication tool during sprint review sessions with the teams.